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Power Yoga- Starting in the Fall!

Join us for an hour of Power! This dynamic yoga class will focus on increasing strength and flexibility while utilizing rhythmic breath, and building heat and stamina in the body and mind.

Personal Training & Private Pilates Lessons

It’s time to take your training to the next level!  Whether you’re looking to lose serious weight, change up your workouts, or just tone up and get fit, working one-on-one will allow you to maximize your personal health and fitness goals.  Each one-hour workout is designed to fit your needs and goals.  Discounts given for multiple lessons. Group rates available upon request.

Personal Training at Senior Center in the Park:

HB Pilates will be starting Personal Training, specifically in the Wellness Pavillion at the brand new Senior Center opening July 2016! Personal Training services at this location are restricted to 50+.

Private Reformer Lessons:

Private Reformer lessons are available for individuals looking to work one-on-one on the state-of-the art Balanced Body Reformer.

Personal Training/Private Pilates:

Both Personal Training and Private Pilates lessons are offered at a variety of our locations for all ages and ability levels.

Stroller Workout

Calling all parents! Why hire a babysitter AND a trainer when you can work out with your little ones! Join us for a one hour workout at the beach that will sculpt and tighten your entire body while you are bonding with your babies and making new mom friends! Kids 0-4 welcome. 2 kids max. Bring stroller, mat, water, snacks. Meet us at the back entrance of the Senior Center in Central Park! Moms, dads, and grandparents welcome! Email for questions. Contact us to get started today!

Prenatal/Postnatal Pilates

Pilates is a safe and gentle way for women to exercise throughout their pregnancy as they prepare for childbirth, and after pregnancy when their body is recovering. All exercises are specifically designed for prenatal/postnatal women. This class is suitable for women in their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimester and women at minimum 6-8 weeks postpartum, with doctor’s approval. Please bring mat, towel, water and anti-slip socks (available for purchase).  Private Prenatal/Postnatal Pilates lessons and reformer lessons available upon request. Why wait, get started today!

Lean & Fit

Join us for a fun and energizing workout that will help you build lean muscle, burn fat and give you that extra energy boost for the day! Incorporating strength, power, stability, and cardio circuit exercises, we promise to sculpt and tighten your entire body so you will look and feel your absolute best! All ages and abilities welcome. Bring mat, towel, water, dumbells (handweights) All other equipment will be provided.

Pilates Mat Class

HB Pilates mat exercises are low impact with high results and we happily welcome all ages and ability levels. HB Pilates’ highly certified instructors will help you improve: posture, strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and total mind-body awareness. Focusing on core strength, we promise to condition your entire body in every class! Please bring an exercise mat, sweat towel, water and anti-slip socks (available for purchase).

Pilates Barre with Cardio

This high-energy class incorporates Pilates, yoga, and dance with cardio intervals to help condition and strengthen the entire body. Combining Pilates at the barre, resistance bands and exercise balls, this class will have you feeling fit and fabulous in no time while burning mega calories along the way! Fitness level: Intermediate+. Please bring an exercise mat, sweat towel, water and anti-slip socks (available for purchase).

Ab-Core Blast

Join us for a 30-minute blast of abdominal/core-strengthening exercises that will have you feeling your abs for days!  Properly engaging these muscles can help you obtain a flatter looking abdomen region, better posture and more!  Core strength can also help alleviate most chronic back pain.  All level welcome!  Bring mat, towel, water, your own exercise ball (generally 65cm), and anti slip socks (available for purchase).

Pilates Chair

Designed for all ages and ability levels, Chair Pilates uses resistance bands and a chair for sitting/standing exercises. Pilates is ideal for people over 50 because of its low impact exercises, but this class welcomes all ages and ability levels. Benefits of Pilates include but are not limited to: improved posture, strength, flexibility, and balance along with an enhanced mind-body connection and total body awareness to reduce the risk of falls. Please bring a sweat towel, water and anti-slip socks (available for purchase).

*Discounts for multiple classes per week.

Pilates Chair-Sitting Only

Pilates chair is a great class for those that would like to get a good workout in while remaining seated in their chair. This 45 min class is great for seniors because of it’s low impact exercises but we welcome all ages and abilities. Focusing on core strength and posture this class will also help you improve your overall strength, flexibility, and mind-body awareness to keep you active and doing all the activities you love. Bring water and grip socks.

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